Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Pamela Vest says:

    How beautiful!

  2. sweet!

  3. 3 Kids and Us says:

    What a gorgeous smile!

  4. So cute and she is getting so big!

  5. What a little beauty. =)

  6. hippos toes says:

    What a cutie :). Thanks for sharing.

  7. She’s a doll! Happy WW!

  8. She is precious. Happy WW B!

  9. Sorry I had to laugh at the hands on teh hips! You are going to have your hands full!

  10. What a great picture!

    Wish I could take good ones like that!

  11. Love the face paint! Happy WW!

  12. Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. says:

    She looks like a confident little lady. 🙂 Happy w.w.

  13. she has the best smile!! B-U-T-FUL!!

  14. Running mommy says:

    She looks really happy!

  15. I wish I had a girl, but alas, I was destined for 3 boys. She is so cute! Happy WW

  16. lifeglutenfree says:

    I love her outfit!

  17. I love her smile ♥ !

  18. She is growing up so fast! She is beautiful… you should be so proud of Lily!

  19. She’s adorable!

  20. tara @ kidz says:

    Wow. She is a cutie. I love her big eyes!

  21. Lily is too cute!

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