Think Thin Thursdays: Week Four

Where is everyone?!? You didn’t quit on me already, did you? Last week must have been tough because only Kimberly signed the Shrinky Linky! So, the AVON Footworks Berry Mint gift set is awarded to Kimberly! If anyone else needs some great AVON gifts this year, make sure to visit my friend, Bella’s site! Congrats (again), Kimberly!

Let’s give Kimberly some friendly competition this week! Feel free to join the game at ANY time.
OK, so now for my update. Despite Thanksgiving, I found this week to be a little easier. I think it is becoming more routine to make healthy choices and a but easier to steer away from the junk. YAY me!

Drumroll, please……………….

That says 122! (sorry for the glare!) YAY! I have now lost 4 pounds total. I actually can tell a little but of a difference already! I feel confident going into Week Four!

Your Week Four tasks:

1. Blog about your success in Week Three! It can be as simple as avoiding that midnight snack or taking an extra lap around the block.

2. Set a new goal and add it to your post.

3. If you accomplished your Week Three goal, sign the Shrinky Linky to be eligible for a $5 gift card to Mommy Jenna’s Designs and Gifts as well as the ebook, “A Month of Meals!”

Need some extra motivation this week? Accomplish your goals in Week Four and register to win ANY necklace from Elli Noelle Designs! This boutique has precious handstamped jewelry that would certainly be a wonderful gift for a Mom, Grandma, Aunt, or even yourself! This is one of my favorite pieces (I wish I could enter to win!! LOL!):

Good Luck this week!

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  1. Ok, I came in on this in the middle I guess, but I’d like to play. I have actually met my goals of losing a pound a week–mostly by not eating snacks in front of the tv. My goal now is to give up sodas and drink water!

  2. I didn’t set a week 3 goal post because I was out of town for the holidays, so I’m not singing the linky — but I will put up my week 4 post.

    Bridgette — Do we have a Task for this week??

  3. Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly says:

    Thanks for this contest….I even added a related prize to my contest today….a calorie counter. I’m excited to win two prizes, but would like to see more people join in (even if it meant less for me….LOL)….keep it up…I bet it will slowly catch on.

  4. Could some one please explain this weekly contest and the rules? I’m also not used to seeing blogs with the link counter feature. Help! I’m so confused and it’s weird to jump into the middle of something.

    I don’t need to lose any weight, but I could definitely be a lot healthier. I’ve recently been learning that a person can have average weight for their height but have way more body fat than is normal. Knowing the way I eat… I’m probably mostly fat! Yikes!

    Anyhow, appreciate any explanation. Sounds like fun to join and publicly announcing goals kind of mean you have to stick to them. 🙂


  5. Bridgette says:

    Here’s the post where you can find the rules:

    Hope you join us!

    Kris: No task other than the ones outlined in the post! Good Luck!

  6. You are doing so great! I’ll be back in this week, hopefully I’ll get my post up tonight. Things have just been hectic lately.

  7. thanks for the link to the original post! no way would i have known how to find it.

    i guess i’ll have to find time to consider what i’d like to accomplish and then blog about it. but i’m in!

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