Think Thin Thursday: Week 7

I’m taking a break today from an elaborate Think Thin Thursday post, but I did want to post my scale picture, as promised.

This is what the stomach flu will do for your diet! LOL! That’s only 0.6 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight! But, I know this weight will come back since it is mostly due to sickness, so I’m not getting too excited.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas and I will be back with my normal Think Thin Thursday post next week!

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  1. Karyn with a Y says:

    HOLY COW! I’m jealous. I really am. Although I’m 16 lbs down from my pre-pregnancy weight, I would LOVE to see 120. CONGRATS!!

  2. Karyn with a Y says:

    Oh and those are some sexy socks! 😉

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