Take a Peek at the new Peek!

Aside from running this blog, I am also a Mom of two girls who works full time outside of the home as a lab technician (how do I do it all? LOL!). Personal use of the computers at work is limited and when I am away from the lab, I feel like I am ALWAYS on the go. Because my schedule is so hectic, reading and responding to email generally happens when the kids are in bed for the night. This only leaves a limited amount of time to catch up with friends and family, as well as taking care of PR contacts and sponsors. I would love to be able to communicate during the day!

Then, I found Peek. What a great solution! Peek is a new company that has created a device entirely designed to make mobile email easy for anybody. They saw the need for a straight-forward, easy-to-use email device without all of the hassles of other wireless products. Peek keeps things simple. Just unlimited email—no contracts, no hidden fees, no complications.

I was fortunate enough to receive an aqua Peek for review! My first impression was that it was thin, lightweight and about the size of a pocket calculator. It fit easily in the side of my purse. Set up of the Peek was VERY easy: turn it on, enter your email addresses (up to 3 accounts) and off you go! Email and text message anywhere, anytime!

Navigation of the Peek is extremely user friendly. Your emails from all of your accounts get dumped into one interface. I liked that I didn’t have to constantly switch between accounts. Scrolling through emails is quick with the side wheel feature and deleting messages was a snap. Managing messages on your Peek does NOT alter them on your actual computer. So, if you delete a message from your Peek it WILL remain in your email account.

Another plus of the Peek is the price (how’s that for a tongue twister!). The device can be found at Target stores for only $99 and the monthly service charge is $19.99 for unlimited usage. There is no obligation and no contracts to sign. Your account can be managed easily on the Peek website and charged directly to a credit card.

For someone who does not need the sometimes confusing array of features available on Blackberry, and strictly would like to be able to access email while away from a computer, take a peek at the Peek! This device is definitely something a Mom-on-the-go would love this holiday season!

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  1. Emily Roemmich says:

    Haha you are one busy mom! I want a peek! Does it cost monthly?

  2. 3 Kids and Us says:

    I’ve been wondering about these. Using my husband’s Blackberry during vacation to check my emails was a nightmare.

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