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Lily, my oldest, had one horrible ear infection at the age of 11 months. At first, we did not know she had an infection because she did not present with fever or crying. Lily just constantly shook her head, which I thought was the beginning of the “no” phase! In time, the head shaking got worse and resembled more of a tremor until I decided to take a trip to the ER. Diagnosis: ear infection. We tried antibiotics and shots and NOTHING would relieve her pain. It was a horrible month until finally at one year old, she got a set of ear tubes.

Aubrie, my youngest, is now battling her own ear issues. So, when I ran accross this product on Twitter, I was more than excited to give it a try!

EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor is the first clinically proven home-use monitor that accurately detects middle ear fluid, a key sign of an ear infection. Used by pediatricians for years, EarCheck helps you identify:

If your child might have an ear infection

When it’s necessary to seek medical attention

When the fluid is going away or gone

All in the convenience of your own home!

The EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor uses gentle sound waves to accurately and painlessly detect the presence of middle ear fluid, a key sign of an ear infection. Simply place the tip of EarCheck into the child’s outer ear canal and press the SCAN button; the monitor works by sending a pleasant chirping sound into the ear canal. Some of this sound bounces off the eardrum and travels back to the instrument’s built-in microphone. EarCheck then analyzes the reflected sound to determine if the eardrum is working normally. If there is fluid in the ear, the eardrum’s vibrations may be restricted. The greater the fluid level, the greater the reflected sound. Within only seconds, you will be able to determine if your child has fluid in the middle ear.
After our stomach virus epsiode over the holidays, Aubrie started having fever. I suspected an ear infection and I was so happy to have the Ear Check! It was so easy…exactly like taking her temperature in her ear. And fortunately, no fluid was detected! Sure enough, fever was gone the next day.
Having the Ear Check will certainly help me to decide whether or not a trip to the Doctor is necessary. A definite MUST HAVE product for Mom’s of kids with chronic ear infections!

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  1. Charming Lamb says:

    I would have killed to have had this product 10 years ago when Mac was little. We went through TWO sets of tubes and countless visits to the doctor. It would have been nice to know for sure if she really did have an ear infection.

  2. My daughter had tubes put in at 9 months when she had her cleft pallete repaired. she needs to get them replaced. and occationaly her ears will bleed wich causes me to really worry. she should of had them replaced long ago. but for a while we didnt have insurance, and now we are moving back home so she will see her surgeon. This looks like an awsome thing to have when you have children prone to ear infections.
    thanks for the info.

  3. SureBaby Pregnancy Blog says:

    My son too had his soft cleft palate repaired and needed several sets of tubes over the years. I purchased one of these items which gave me peace of mind knowing that I could just peek in at any moment. After a ruptured ear drum once, buying one of these was a no-brainer. They are much more affordable now. I’m sure many moms will appreciate your review. Take care.


  4. I have a cousin that is a doctor and I always have him check before I drag my kids to the pediatrician to expose them to MORE germs!!

  5. t an ear infection, check out the eardoc.
    it is not invasive and it treates the problem rather than the symptom.

  6. Thank you! My son had EIs as an infant, and after four agonizing months of them they stopped. Ten years later, he’s having ear prpblems again. Not having medical insurance, this would really help us discern when “it’s time” to go to the Doctor for anti biotics or not!!

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