Do you want to lose weight in 2009?

After the birth of my first daughter, I decided to try Weight Watchers as a tool to lose the baby weight. I liked the idea of going to meetings and being held accountable on the scale each week. I am such a science geek, so I loved the idea of being able to chart my progress on graphs and managing my Points in a little spiral bound book. Despite the fact that I had never REALLY dieted before, I managed to reach my goal weight and I was AMAZED at how easy it was to achieve.
Now that Aubrie (my second daughter) is 9 months old, and I have stopped breastfeeding, it is time to jump back on the dieting bandwagon. I have been following the Weight Watchers program again and have created a little game on my blog called Think Thin Thursdays. If you want to participate see this post for official rules!

This time around, Weight Watchers has some amazing new tools to help dieters reach their goals. They have recently launched a fan page on Facebook to showcase upcoming products and deliver news and information to Weight Watchers food enthusiasts. It will feature links to recipes, product-related vidcasts, instant polls and more.

Weight Watchers is also debuting an interactive widget tool, “I Really Want!” to help consumers hungry for a snack find a sensible alternative. The “I Really Want!” widget offers various Weight Watchers sensible food products as well as everyday snack alternatives. I tried this tool out and found some great snack options to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Did you also know that you can turn tasty Weight Watchers food into incrEdible rewards? It’s an easy way to choose from extensive rewards including beauty products, cooking accessories, DVDs and more! For every Weight Watchers food product you buy, simply cut out and save the UPC barcodes and following the simple instructions at

If you want to lose weight in ’09, I highly recommend looking into Weight Watchers. The program is so easy to follow, and with all of these great new interactive tools, how can you resist?
Need extra motivation? Don’t forget to look into Think Thin Thursdays right here on The Not-So-Blog! I will be giving away some Weight Watchers coupons for free products soon!


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  1. Running mommy says:

    Sounds great. I think that of all diet methods Weight Watchers is one of the best.

    After five children and breastfeeding for a year I have miraculously returned to my prepregnancy weight. Probably because I’m running around after my five children all the time!

    My ‘diet method’ is to eat three healthy meals a day, and no snacks!

  2. Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries says:

    I love Weight Watchers but have to admit the meetings never encouraged me. I tend to do WW at home with just using the old flex points plan. I was reading on Hungrygirl the other day that WW is unveiling yet another new plan after the first of the year. I am interested in seeing what this one will be about. Good luck to anyone restarting. It can be hard sometimes.

  3. This is an interesting post.
    I haven’t personally used Weight Watchers though of course it is well enough known , and you bear testimony to its effectiveness.
    Whenever I have read about the Weight Watchers diet program on the internet it has always been in a positive context.

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