Think Thin Thursdays: Week Two

Week One is over (AMEN)! Congrats for taking the plunge and joining me on my weight loss journey. I think the first week is always the hardest! So, the moment you have all been waiting for…..

Drumroll, please………..

I lost 2.6 pounds in Week One! Whoo hoo!!

Did you accomplish your goals this week? Make sure you blog about your experience during Week One and I encourage you to visit other participants and offer words of support. And for your reward, if you have accomplished your goals (we are going on the honor system here), sign the first EVER “Shrinky Linky” below NO LATER THAN Saturday at 11:59pm CST in order to be eligible for the weight loss bracelet from RasCat Designs!

Week Two:
1. Set a new goal and blog about it.
2. Task of the Week:

Tell us one temptation that you were faced with this week.
How did you overcome it?

Need some extra motivation for Week Two? If you accomplish the goals you set for this week, you will be eligible to win a Footworks Berry Mint Gift Set from AVON donated by my good friend, Bella. This set includes a moisturizing foot cream, foot soak (both in the berry mint scent), pompom booties and a snowflake shaped pumice in a cute gift bag. Make sure you visit Bella’s site for more great gift suggestions for the Holidays!

Good Luck on Week Two! Keep up the great work!

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  1. WTG Bridgette!!! I accomplished my 4 mile walk but I didn’t lose the 2 lbs I wanted so I guess I didn’t reach my goal for this week. I hope to do better for next week.

  2. Nice job B! I wish i could weight 120 again! Im 4’11 and after having Heather I cant seem to drop the weight. Im holding steady at 130. ugh.

  3. Yay Bridgette! Congrats on a wonderful week! I’ll have my post up in a bit, just as soon as I get my photo on the computer.

  4. Congrats, it seems your new program is definitely working 🙂 🙂

  5. Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly says:

    I accomplished by goal, but didn’t lose any weight. 🙁 I actually did better than I expected on cutting out the cokes….I’m going to keep my coke goal for next week I think, but try to add either an extra day of 30 minutes or an extra 15 minutes to each day…I’ll decide tonight and post my new goals…

  6. Congrats Bridgette! That’s so awesome. Two pounds in 1 week is something to celebrate about!

  7. miss_moneymaker says:

    Wow thats great!
    If I weighed 123lbs I’d be so skinny.
    I always weighs much more than I look. Even though I’m a little overweight I’m built solid.
    I look thin when I weigh anything less than 135lbs.
    What weight would you like to get to?

  8. I accomplished most of my goals, Wasn’t able to walk that third day due to rain.

  9. Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly says:
  10. Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries says:

    Congrats Bridgette! I am jumping in this week to join yall since I missed last week. I am looking forward to the support group you have built here to help me slowly accomplish my goals. 🙂

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