Can the Wii Fit make Me Fit?

The phenomenon of the Wii Fit is all a mystery to me. In honor of “Think Thin Thursdays”, I was trying to come up with a good exercise plan to go along with the diet. I would just be fooling myself if I said I would go to a gym religiously! So, my hubby suggested looking into the Wii Fit.

Can someone explain this to me? Do you have to buy the Wii and then purchase the Wii Fit, or is the Wii Fit a stand alone unit? Do you have one? Do you reccommend it? What do you like about it?

OK, I KNOW this is a long shot, but I would love to implement the Wii Fit into Think Thin Thursdays, so if there are any reps out there, I’d love to hear from you (!
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  1. You have to buy a Wii, and then the Wii fit is like a game to go long with it.

    I want one SO bad!

  2. I have one! Visit my blog for the gory details…. But it is helping.

    Here is how it works. You have to get a wii and then also get the wii fit. Good luck with both of these things, because this stuff is still pretty hard to get. We went to about 7 different stores to find the wii fit and only got the wii because we were at Walmart during the day in the middle of the week right after they had gotten a shipment.

    The wii fit has some really nice features. It weighs you and tells you your BMI. It also allows for goal setting and shows your progress in graphical format. One nice thing is that you don’t have to focus on the weight- it actually hides it and doesn’t show it unless you want- although it does show the BMI. It also tells you where that falls- normal, obese, etc. One thing I don’t like is that it makes the mii (the wii version of you that you create) bigger if you are “obese.” So, on ours, Josh is a skinny dude and Robin is pretty tubby. 🙁

    There are different types of activities including yoga, aerobic excersice, strength training, and then some balance games.

    It also has some balance tests that it uses in conjunction with your weight to determine your “wii fit” age. The first time I did it, it told me I was 50! The last time, it said I was 28, so it is helping me to improve my balance and posture.

  3. 3 Kids and Us says:

    I haven’t bought it yet but plan to. I know you have to have the Wii game system then you by this as an add on unit. You might want to check out the wii fit website, they have a lot of good videos on it there.

  4. I haven’t gotten one yet either. I’m not sure I will until the price comes down or I find a super duper deal. I have two little ones and they are all I have time for. But the Wii fit looks like super fun.

  5. I like my wii fit. I’m not relying on it for cardio, but for strength/toning, I feel like it can do the job.

    One thing that’s cool about it, is you unlock new exercises the more time you put in. So you can work your way up. I like the hula hooping and rhythm boxing.

  6. Sounds like a great idea! We don’t have one, and I don’t see hubby putting out money for it yet, but it would make things a lot more fun!

  7. Thanks Robin ,I didn’t know you had to buy the Wii first and then wii fit..Now I know!

  8. I love my wii fit. I agree with sarah, the toning and boxing are great. The hula hoop gives you an amazing ab workout. It is a great way to break up your workout routine at home. Plus it’s something my 11 year old and I can do together.

    They are coming out with more games for the wii fit board. Jillian (trainer from the biggest loser) has a new workout game that uses the fit board, which I am sure will kick up the intensity. And I secretly am wanting the new cheerleader game:)

    I would recommend it. Oh and guitar hero is a lot of fun as well!!

  9. The Petersons says:

    I don’t know much about it, but it seems like if I’m having fun doing something, it doesn’t seem like such torture to exercise. Maybe it would work?

  10. Rita @ My Precious Pennies says:

    I would LOVE to get the Wii and the Wii fit, but honestly, for the prize of it all (I’m figuring somewhere around $350ish), I could probably sign up for the most glorious gym/spa membership lol.

    We already have a PS2 and a DDR mat, so maybe I’ll whip those out and give it a try. There’s also that playcam or whatever thing for PS2…heard that does fitness things do but not sure how good it is. But at least we already got the more expensive of the package.

  11. Kim @ What's That Smell says:

    Seems like a fun way to get fit.

  12. Kim @ What's That Smell says:

    Seems like a fun way to get fit.

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