Blog Party: Day Two

Today’s theme for the MomDot Blog Party is Holiday Traditions. The sponsors of the day are Natity’s Design and La Plates.

Tell us about your Holiday traditions! What traditions do you hope to begin?

One tradition that is very important to my family is that we all decorate the Christmas Tree together. We each get to hang our own ornaments, light the fireplace, drink hot chocolate and spend some time together.

One tradition I plan to begin this year is special Christmas Eve pajamas for the girls! I bought them each some pink snowmen pjs for them to wear as they wait for Santa!

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  1. I love the pajama tradition. I buy the boys pajamas too!

  2. Raspberry Lemonade says:

    Our tradition is that we celebrate with extended family on the 24th, the kids love it because they open the gifts given to them from family. When the party is over they get into their Christmas pjs(I try to find matching for all of us). We read a Christmas story – to remind them of the birth of Christ; the reason for the season.

    On the morning of the 25th everyone starts rockin' around the christmas tree and open their gifts from Santa and thier gifts from each other and Mom & Dad.

  3. We always decorate the tree together too.

  4. 3 Kids and Us says:

    I bet the PJ’s are cute. We need to do something like that.

  5. CompleteLee Blogger says:

    I like the pajama tradition too. The only problem is that most of my boys don’t like jammies any more. I guess it could still work for the girls!

  6. What fun traditions! I need to go shopping for some specials pjs, I love that idea!

  7. The tree is a big part for my family too.

  8. Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind says:

    Hot chocolate – Yummy. It’s even better if you put a candy stick in it.

  9. I love matching P.J’s! My oldest is not for it at all anymore… party pooper!
    Can’t wait to see a picture of the girls in their jammies!

  10. WE do pajamas too.

    Christmas sounds so fun at your home.

  11. That sounds fun. I wish we had a fireplace to light

  12. My children get to put thier ornament son the tree but since they are still pretty young Mom handles the filler stuff! Daddy is completely in charge of lights!

  13. I wish I could get everyone to take part in decorating the tree. It’s usually just Haley and I.

    Can’t wait to see the girls in their matching pjs!!

  14. We have a pajama tradition too, I didn’t mention that in my blog though.

  15. I can’t wait to see them in their matching pj’s, that is gonna be so cute!

  16. I want to do the PJ thing, too. Just haven’t, yet.

  17. AWE I’ve always loved the pj idea!! Am so going to do that this year. Just gotta find a set.

  18. Rita @ My Precious Pennies says:

    We do the Christmas tree together too. Last year we even let the dogs “put up” their own ornament. This year we’ll probably attempt to do the same with the baby.

  19. The Petersons says:

    We do the pj thing too. It makes it so much fun.

  20. I am doing the pajama tradition too!

  21. Kim @ What's That Smell says:

    We go out for pizza with my parents on Christmas eve.

  22. Kim @ What's That Smell says:

    We go out for pizza with my parents on Christmas eve.

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