Blog Party: Day 8

Day Eight Blog Party Question is Brought to you by Koshas, Leapfrog and Soda Club.

Do you shop on Black Friday? What time do you start? Do you finish all your shopping on that day? What’s the best deal you have found? What’s your shopping strategy?

I would love to say that I have all my shopping done BEFORE Black Friday, but that is a goal I have never been able to attain. I hate, hate, HATE shopping on Black Friday. I just do not have the patience for it. I do not tolerate long lines very well (my 3 year old is probably more patient than me).
My shopping strategy involves buying as many gifts ONLINE as I possibly can. I love the convenience of having the gifts magically appear on my doorstep.
If you hate shopping on Black Friday as much as I do, make sure you stop by my blog the day after Thanksgiving for the beginning of my “12 Days of Christmas” giveaway! Why stand in line for hours when you can win great prizes on The Not-So-Blog from the comfort of your very own home?!?

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  1. Miss Blondie says:

    yup..i’ll be sleeping on black friday!

  2. I will be shopping on Black Friday

  3. Black F scares me! LOL!

  4. Mel @ A Box of Chocolates says:

    I do shop on Black Friday and love every minute of it. There is just something about waiting outside the first store in the dark with the other crazy people. The funny thing is I am always going for the things that the others seem to bypass. No electronics for me. My favorite part is perusing the black Friday catalogs and making my plan!!

  5. I’m with you – online shopping has been my savior in the past. Kohls is actually doing ONLINE Black Friday deals…that might be worth staying up late for!

  6. I’ll come join your 12 days of Christmas after my Black Friday extravaganza! I can’t believe I’m going out, although I may chicken out.

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