Y’all are too kind!

Thank you so so much for all the awards that have come in the last few days! How exciting!
Jennifer from The Dirty Shirt sent me this great award:

Thank you so much, Jennifer! She also wrote on her blog 6 things that make her happy. My 6 things are:

1. My girls
2. My hubby
3. My friends and family
4. Dancing
5. Chocolate
6. Blogging

Now the 6 people I am giving this award to are:
Andrea at Prima Crafty Momma
Christy at The Write Gal
Karen at A Blog of Goodies
Kim at JA Blog Designs
Lauren at Restored 316 Designs
Trish at Sweet and Sassy

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  1. Congrats! This is one of the prettiest awards out there!

  2. Thanks so much Bridgette!!

    I’ve got lots of work to do..

    I’ve gotten 3 awards in the last week and been tagged twice. I’m seriously slacking over here…

  3. Karen of Sillymonkeez says:

    Thank you Bridgette!! I am so honored! I will pass this on today or tomorrow.

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