The role of Santa will be played by…..

……….ME. Hey, after having two kids, my belly is still like a bowl full of jelly, and the girls are giving me quite a few gray hairs! LOL! The role of the elf will be played by……you (pointy ears not required)? HELP! Santa needs more elves!

I am currently planning my “12 Days of Christmas” giveaway series and while I have a few very generous elves on board, I am in need of products that will fit the following days:

Two turtle doves

Three French Hens

Five Golden Rings

Six Geese-a-laying

Ten Lords-a-leaping

Keep in mind, I am looking for LOOSE translations here. I am NOT actually looking for three french hens. LOL! For example, three french hens could be any item that has a country theme, French theme, or even three of a particular item. Be creative! I have gotten some really great items so far!

As a thank you, your 125×125 button will be displayed on my left sidebar NOW through December 25th. Your contest will run for one full week.

Please email me at if you are interested! THANKS!
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  1. 3 Kids and Us says:

    That’s such a cute idea! I have a maternity store online and was thinking maybe a maternity shirt for a mom to twins would fit the “Two Turtle Doves”.

  2. Bridgette says:

    That would be great! Either for mom of twins or a woman pregnant with #2! Can you email the info (and your button) to if you are interested?


  3. That is a really fun idea! Good luck in coming up with them!

  4. wow this is going to be a fun one i think and well when you get your button up for this i put it on my site to get the word out abt thisfor you if you want me too just let me know

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