I need Elves!

Prerequisites: Pointy ears. Short. Jolly disposition. Loves to make kids happy. Willing to be a sponsor for my next giveaway series. Do you fit the bill (ok, I’m willing to overlook the pointy ears thing)?
I know it’s early, but I am in the process of organizing an amazing Holiday Giveaway. I will be running a “12 Days of Christmas” giveaway which will begin on Black Friday (why stand in line at the stores when you can sit at home and win stuff on my blog, right?).
Do you have a product that fits one of the 12 Days of Christmas? If you need to refresh your memory on the lyrics, click here. Anyone have a Partridge in Pear tree, or maybe 3 French hens? LOL! OK, obviously I am looking for very loose translations here. Find a way to make your product fit into one of the 12 days! Maybe you sell Pear scented candles (Partridge in a Pear tree), or maybe you sell tutus (ladies dancing), or perhaps oatmeal, milk and honey bath products (maids-a-milking)?

If you are interested, please email me at notsoblog@gmail.com. I would love to place your 125×125 button on my left sidebar NOW until December 25th!


  1. this sounds like it will be fun

  2. oh it sounds like so much fun! i cant wait.

  3. Count me in!! Email me and we’ll chat about it!!

  4. Sounds like a great time!

    But I’ll still be shopping on black friday — I’m an addict. 😀

  5. Great idea Bridgette! Except I had to mute my sound when I opened the link to the song!! 😉 I’ll have to think on this one – not sure if my products could fit in…

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