There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and not being able to do anything to help them. I feel so helpless! My poor Lily has another ear infection and has been up since 5am crying. I have given her Tylenol and ear drops, but nothing seems to be helping. We have a Doctor appointment at 2pm, so I am trying to make her as comfortable as possible till then.

The good thing is that one of my best friends is Lily’s Pediatrician, so Lily loves going to the Doctor! This is Lily at the Doctor when she was 18 months old.

Come on Two O’Clock!

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  1. Awe…poor Lily! Hope she gets some relief soon. Thanks for the flashback…always a cutie!!

  2. 3 Kids and Us says:

    Poor little girl. I hope her favorite doctor can help her feel better.

  3. Poor Lily. I know all too well about those ear infections that creep up in the middle of the night! Jasmine had one a couple weeks ago, and was up at 5am also.

  4. Hope she feels better soon !

  5. Aw that is so sad! I hate feeling like that.

  6. Aww, poor baby. I hope she starts to feel better soon.

  7. What a cutie! Hope she gets better soon.

  8. I agree, watching your child be in pain is the worst! After our first year filled with terrifying and painful visits to the surgeon, Aiden and I have both developed a serious fear of the doctor. You should see us both anxious and sweating in the waiting room at a simple check up. LOL I hope she feels better soon.

  9. I'm the Mom says:

    Feel better soon Lily!!

  10. I'm the Mom says:

    Feel better soon Lily!!

  11. Tara @ Feels like home says:

    Poor girl! I hope the Tylenol gives her some relief.

  12. I am so sorry that she is hurting. I grew up with ear infections too and they hurt! I used to lay my hurting ear on a pillow warmed by a heating pad. Or she could snuggle up to you with her bad ear on you. For some reason, the warmth always seemed to help. Best of luck to you!

  13. I hope she feels better soon, she is so cute 🙂

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