Aloha Friday: 10/30

Welcome to Aloha Friday’s! All you have to do is post an answer to my question. If you would like to join in the fun, post your own question on your blog (nothing requiring a lengthy answer) and sign the Mr. Linky at An Island Life! This week’s question:

OK, so I need some new websites/blogs to visit! Other than your own blog…..

….What are your favorite Internet “haunts?”

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  1. ~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ says:

    Way too many to list!!!!!

  2. that’s a tough one since we all like to read different kinds of blogs.

    by looking around your blog (first time here-like what i see), i think you would like a mom-blog with some humor. so i went to my netvibes and came up with this one (she is one of my favorites):

    crazy bloggin canuck

    or you could always check out the blogs i have on my blogroll.

  3. Pamela Kramer says: – I live there!

  4. Sherry Martschink says:

    Loads of ’em, but I’m addicted to Word Challenge on Facebook, so it’s probably my favorite “haunt.” By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Glad you liked the “drunk” pumpkins posted on Wordless Wednesday.

  5. Pioneer Woman (
    No Special Effects (
    Wifely Steps (

  6. happyathome says:

    I am all over the place, but allways find myslef the most on Etsy! Stop by for my Aloha Friday question, no candy needed!

  7. I love Joyshope and Sweet Mady’s notes. Actually we have a new look at Mimi and Reese

  8. TheAngelForever says:

    Google Reader is my very best friend so I can keep up with all of the blogs that I love. Along with those I enjoy Twitter and Facebook to keep up with friends and family.

  9. Hop over to my blog, scroll down the righthand side of the page and you will see lots of great and varied sites to check on. Some are about raising kids, one about life in Alaska, another about life in Hawaii, another about life in Paradise, etc.

  10. I find new and fun websites to visit by using the StumbleUpon tool bar. It’s really neat, you can list your interests, and hit the Stumble button and up pops a really cool website. Just go to

  11. definitely blogger and momdot!

  12. Way too many, but here’s a few-

    Blogs, facebook, my ivillage playgroup, myspace, twitter and cnn. 🙂

    Happy Halloween!

  13. Blogger and MomDot of course! there’s also,, SITS, I read so many in my google reader it’s nuts. LOL

  14. Facebook. i’m addicted. Why do i feel the need to find “friends” from h.s. that I haven’t talked to in 16 years!?!?!?

  15. I have some good ones on my blogroll. Hippiegirl is one I just found and johnwaire photography about the homeless in baltimore. But I’ve got a few others listed. C’Mon by!

  16. The Farmer Files says:

    Blissfully Domestic
    Google Reader
    Five Minutes for Mom
    Blog Around the World

    Happy Aloha Fri!

  17. Alyson, the 3 P's Mama says:
  18. Alyson, the 3 P's Mama says:
  19. The best thing I can tell you is check out my sidebars LOL all of the blogs there I love and check out daily 🙂

  20. I am going to be no help to you, because my favorite is momdot, lol!!

  21. The Petersons says:

    Momdot of course! I also like

  22. I’m so awful, I feel like I visit a million sites a week. MomDot and Blogger seem to be the top two, not much help is it?

  23. - Marybeth I. says:

    Judy Rug – I just love it.

  24. Oh gosh there is so many.

    My top picks would have to be
    Momdot (of course)
    5 minutes for mom
    Metropolitan mama
    My sippy cup runneth over
    and Following in my shoes

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