Independence Day

The first few weeks of school, Lily wanted me to hold her hand as we walked into her new classroom. But yesterday, not only did she NOT want me to hold her hand, she insisted on walking 10 paces in front of me! Can she really be embarrassed of me ALREADY?! She’s only THREE! I mean, my outfit wasn’t that great and I really do need a brow wax, but hey, at least I showered and had on matching shoes (some days that is a lot to ask!).

Today, she took her independence a step further and decided to do her own hair before school.


She gave it a lot of thought and then strategically placed 3 (yes, three) barrettes on the right side of her head and NONE on the other. I tried to help her fix it, but she was definitely set on this particular hair style. It was, well, abstract.

3 going on 13. Look out world.


  1. Oh wow, B! You are going to have your hands full with this one. lol

  2. try that times 2! i go thru that everyday. i hated it when they became so independant. they are our babies! but i guess they have to start somewhere right?

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