I am a nerd. And proud of it.

I don’t ask for much. I really don’t. But, I am here to petition you to nominate me for a Dottie Award! (pretty please) Why should you nominate me for Biggest Nerd? Heck, the fact that I am actually ASKING you to call me a nerd should be enough to qualify me (and the fact that I just used the word “heck” should put it over the edge)!! But, I will list some evidence for you in case you are on the fence…

1. I have a Master’s Degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.
2. I know how to use a microscope (and I LIKE it).
3. I can extract DNA from bacteria in less than 30 minutes (please hold your oohhs and aahhs till the end of the list.)
4. I was actually on the Discovery Channel in a documentary entitled, “Rats, Bats and Bugs.” (seriously, does it GET more nerdy than that?)
5. I think my white lab coat is cool. (you should see my lab goggles, too)

Are you convinced yet? If you are ready to nominate me, head on over to the Contact page at MomDot and send the following info:

The blog you are nominating: The Not-So-Blog

The name of the blogger: Bridgette

The link: http://www.thenotsoblog.blogspot.com/

The category: Biggest Nerd

Thanks! My name is Bridgette and I am a nerd.

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  1. i think someone already did. I loled when i saw it. It went up pretty quick!


  2. I nominated you!

  3. Yeah, I totally nominated you last night. LOL

  4. Keb-o-Mania says:

    Oh my goodness…you totally ARE a nerd! I had no idea my own nerdiness could be matched. LOL. I hope you win!

  5. you got my vote, heading over there now!

  6. armyfamilyok says:

    HAHA You’re just too funny!! You get my nomination/vote!!

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