Get ready to be spooked!

My Spook-tacular Sweepstakes will begin on Monday!

That’s just a little over 48 hours away! I will be featuring Fall or Halloween related items for this giveaway series, like this ADORABLE onesie from Appledonia! Aubrie actually won this outfit from the Appledonia giveaway on Minxi Mimi Unplugged and we love it!
Take some time to check out the other sponsors on my left sidebar! If you havent already done so, make sure you grab my giveaway graphic and help me advertise. You’ll be glad you did! I have 9 fabulous prizes you can win beginning on Monday, September 29!

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  1. Oh, B, she is just so cute!!

  2. she’s so adorable!

  3. WHOOHOO, your button is on my sidebar….can’t wait!!!

    How are y’all doing? Settled back in and healthy?

  4. She is CUTE!!

    I can’t wait to see the prizes! I’m also doing a week full of Spooky Giveaways.. I’ll have to round up all the Halloween themed giveaway buttons and place them together on my sidebar! 🙂

  5. dang that child is gorgeous!

  6. tommrow the big day hip hip herray cant wait i realy hope i do win some thing

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