Blog Trip: Day 2

When I filled up my tank on the way out of town to flee Hurricane Gustav, I paid $3.68 a gallon. Thank God I filled up my tank on Friday night because by Saturday morning, there was no gas to be found in the City. As a matter of fact, on our way out of town, gas could not be found until we crossed into Mississippi. We filled up again the first chance we could because our trip took us 12 hours!

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  1. Pamela Kramer says:

    WOW Bridget I’ve been there. During Katrina we had the gas issue as well. It was not fun at all. It was just a nightmare. I’m glad you are safe. Take care, beep beep!

  2. Oh my, it’s a good thing you were thinking ahead! Did you travel to stay with family?

    Continue to stay safe!!

  3. Parker Family says:

    We got stuck in a snow storm earlier this year and we actually had to stop for gas! Granted it was because it took us 4 hours to go 2 miles. Wish we’d had a full tank to begin with!

  4. Yikes-a-roo. Glad you were able to get gas!

  5. mommy elvz says:

    Hello there! i’m here on a blog trip and it’s nice to stop by.

    Hope you’ll visit my place

    Thanks and happy blog trip!

  6. Oh that has to be scary, we depend so much on gas.

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