Aloha Friday 9/12

Today’s question is:

Have your kids chosen a Halloween costume yet?

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  1. My 5 yr old daughter wants to be Batman. Not even batgirl, but that is the costume I’ll get her. My 3 yr old daughter wants to be a monkey. Preferably Boots. I’ll see what I can do.

    Last year we just wore something out of the dress up box. This year we have to leave town for a wedding without them, so I will likely buy whatever costume they want out of guilt for not being there.

  2. Miss Blondie says:

    Aloha! My son has changed his mind about 5 times!! He first wanted to be Indiana Jones, then Darth Vader, then a race car driver, then an army man, and now a fireman! I just can’t keep up!! I’ll wait until just before Halloween to get his costume!

  3. Yup. Not Princess Fiona who is yucky but Shrek and yes we had to shop in the boys section to buy her costume. Oh well.

  4. We bought a Buzz Lightyear costume this week, but I will have to try to find another one cause it is a wee bit small.

  5. I have one lion costume for whoever it will fit so I need another…they don’t “get” Halloween yet so I have one more year of down-playing it before they get it and start telling me which costumes they want!
    Bridgette, how are you doing with the hurricanes and all?

  6. TheAngelForever says:

    My almost 16 month old will be wearing either a Mickey Mouse or Tigger costume, depending on what fits him. Not sure what my oldest son (just 5) will be wearing. We have to checking things out. The last two years he was a monkey that looked a lot like Curious George.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Parker Family says:

    Well, my DD is too young to choose hers, so I get to pick what she will be, and yes, I have decided what she will be.

  8. Sage and Savvy says:

    No, not yet…I think we’ll wait until the last minute…again….

  9. Christine@AreWeThereYetMom says:

    So far, my 5yo has decided to be a black cat, I think my son wants to be a skeleton, and I think my youngest, wants to be a fairy, she was tinkerbell last year. Hmmmm…still giving that one a thought!

  10. My 5 yr old wants to be Gabriella (from High School Musical).

    My 7 yr old can’t make up her mind… its between a girl ninja or girl pirate!

  11. No and thanks for reminding me!

  12. Jaime @ Just Add Laughter says:

    My 6 year old will be Cinderella. She has a costume my sister bought her a couple years ago that FINALLY fits!

    My 3 year old’s costume from last year will be passed down to my boyfriend’s daughter. She will be Cinderella as well.

    My 3 year old is in need of a costume. I think I’ve talked her into being a pink pirate (found at Walmart), but she also wants to be Hannah Montana (also at Walmart).

  13. Aloha Monkey says:

    The last I heard, they’re wearing the same thing they wore last year: Harry Potter and Spider Man.

  14. We don’t celebrate Halloween but I still think I might buy a costume for my son.. I think he would love it! lol

  15. Not yet!!! I suppose we should start making some plans though!

  16. No they haven’t, of course I haven’t even brought it up yet. I know a couple months ago Kevin said he wanted to be a fireman again. (That’s what he was last year)

    Thankfully we have a month to figure it out. 😉

  17. We haven’t, and we better get on the ball huh? I love doing themes, but with 3 boys it gets hard, especailly with the oldest being 7 now, he went and grew himself a mind, and what’s to pick his own!
    HA HA HA

  18. Yep! My son (4) wants to be “Spectacular Spiderman”.

    My daughter (will be 2 at halloween) will be a puppy.

  19. I love Halloween! I made costumes every year for my children and I’ve been able to carry on the tradition with my grandchildren. I plan on sitting down with them this week and browse the catalogs. We should decide soon to prepare properly.

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