Gustav: My story (Part 1)

Let me get right to the point……we are safe. I am no fool; we evacuated this morning (Sunday) at 3:30am. After one and a half hours on the road, we had only gone about 15 miles. For an entire hour, we did not move one single inch. The entire trip, which should have taken only 4.5 hours, took us 12 long and agonizing hours. Now considering in my car I had a talkative 3 year old, a tired 6 month old, a tense husband and a nervous dog, it’s a miracle that we all made it here in one piece and relatively happy.


Aubrie takes a moment to check the best route!
One thing that amused me today on the trip was that at every overpass along the route, people that lived in that particular town came out and stood on the overpasses to wave at us. Lily got a kick out of it. She thought she was in a parade!


It’s just a waiting game now. Keep praying.

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  1. Charming Lamb says:

    I’ve relieved it’s not coming to Texas, but I am also so sad for what you are having to endure.

    You and the kiddos are in my thoughts. We’ll all be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.


  2. I’m so glad to hear you’re safe B! I so hope it’s not as bad as they’re saying and it misses your area completely.

  3. Restored 316 says:

    Thinking about you Bridgette! Your in our prayers over here!

  4. Hugs! That is funny about the “parade”…. I have been in evacuations before, it is no fun.

    Glad you all made it.

  5. My dad stayed and just lost power at noon on Monday… said that it is no where as close to as bad a Katrina… hope your home fairs well and that you have a safe return! Praying for you and your family!!!
    We are safe in Florida.. your not kidding about the talkative 3 year old! LOL My daughter drove me NUTS during the evacuation!!!

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