Is this mine??

With one child starting Preschool in August and another child starting Daycare in September, I am in desperate need of a way to organize and label all of their belongings. I just learned that school uniforms and shoes are quite expensive, so I don’t need to lose ANY! While surfing the Net, I stumbled upon Mabel’s Lables by following a link on MomDot and their product is definitely the answer for me! Mable’s Labels sells stickies for everything including shirts, shoes, sippies, spoons and so much more! Check out their Ultimate Back to School Combo Pack!

You can win the Combo pack at both:



From Dates to Diapers

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  1. armyfamilyok says:

    What kind of uniforms do they have to wear?? If they’re typical school uniforms, I didn’t find that they were that expensive. I shopped alot online and I followed the sales. My daughter went to private school for 2 years where she had to wear uniforms. She loved not having to decide what to wear every day.

    I can point you to some of my uniform shopping, if you need help!!

  2. Bridgette says:

    We have to get the uniforms from one place…no bargain shopping, unfortunately! I wish!

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