Do You Want Fries with that No. 1?

Ok, so to most people this sign…….

…….signifies that a restroom is nearby. But, my daughter Lily will pass up one hundred of these claiming that she doesn’t have to potty. Until she sees one of these….
Are the Golden Arches the universal symbol for “potty” in Toddler-ese? Why is it that EVERYTIME we pass a McDonald’s Lily has to potty NOW? What is it about the McDonald’s sign that stimulates the bladder? Is it because it’s yellow? Or perhaps because it’s shaped like a butt? LOL! Why McDonald’s and not Burger King? I am determined to solve the mystery!

I think I am going to try to get in the Guiness Book of World Records for Most McDonald’s Bathrooms Visited. Is that a category? I think I am at least on #682.
Dang, now I want some fries. Where’s Lily when you need her?


  1. R.L.Scovens says:

    Lily knows that if she can get you into the McDonalds, getting food is next!!LOL

  2. Jen Hinton says:

    LOL!! Too cute!!!

  3. Bridgette says:

    Rachel: I’ve fallen for that ONCE! We went inside, sat on the potty and she says, “I don’t have to go. Can I get a toy?”


  4. That’s too funny B!

  5. Too funny!! Haven’t run into that yet.

  6. Simply AnonyMom says:

    HAHAHA. My kids are both like that. The KNOW the difference between all the places. Heaven forbid you pull into the wrong one either!

    (found you on momdot)

  7. Haasiegirl says:

    this is brilliant. I am totally LOLing at how smart lily is

  8. Christine says:

    Perhaps the very reason why Lily needs to go potty every time she sees the golden arches is because she wants some fries! LOL

  9. If you can get mom in the door she is sure to get that happy meal she wants. lol

  10. She is absolutely a bright little girl, she knows how to get what she wants LOL

  11. Minxy Mimi says:

    Lily is funny! Mc D’s was my fave PG stopping place for potty breaks!

  12. Shera (aka: sns blog design) says:

    LOL! That’s awesome! So very true!

  13. OMG that is funny! My son will wait and wait cause he wants to go in there and check it out, but he DOES NOT want to use their toilet, no way. He is like momma, no germs from the public toilet please.

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