Inspire Innovation with GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank {Giveaway}

This post is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% mine.

I am the proud Mama of two beautiful daughters.  They love pink.  They love dancing.  They love princess.  But that doesn’t mean that they can’t love math, Science and engineering.  I, too, was a pink-loving twinkle toes who grew up to achieve a Master of Science in Biology and I will encourage my daughters to chase their dreams as well.

Toys that teach and encourage imagination are tops on my list so I could not have been happier to review GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank.

GoldieBlox is a book and construction set series that aims to get girls building, close the gender gap in STEM fields and inspire the next generation of female engineers.

Each building set comes with a story which sets the scene for the construction.  My 9 year old took the reigns by reading the story first while my 6 year old sorted through the pieces.  Finally, the girls worked together to bring the story to life by actually building the scene.

In GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank, Nacho, Goldie’s dog, hates water and loves being dirty. After many tries to get Nacho clean, Goldie finally comes up with the perfect contraption – a dunk tank! As the story progresses, kids learn about hinges and levers while creating a dunk tank for Nacho to finally bathe in before they all head to the town carnival.

My daughters were able to assemble the set with no help from me.  It was great to see them working through problems together and conquering the task at hand.  But one of my favorite features is actually the box! What an ingenious idea to have all of the pieces actually snap into place so nothing gets lost. Plus, the pieces of each GoldieBlox set work in conjunction with others so the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a last minute addition to your child’s Easter basket, head to Target where you will find GoldieBlox sets for just $19.99.  Or, you can win GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank right here on Experimental Mommy.  Enter below:

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Fueling My Morning with Quaker Shakes {Giveaway}

This post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

With two school-aged children, morning is anything but peaceful.  Once the alarm wakes us from our comfy beds, it is a race to get everyone dressed, lunches made, schoolbags packed and to school on time.  While I would love to say that I wake up extra early to cook a lovely breakfast for my girls, it is just not reality.

Because we are so pressed for time, I am always on the lookout for a nutritious, filling and quick breakfast that my family and I will enjoy.  Thankfully, I was recently introduced to Quaker Breakfast Shakes.  Made with Quaker oats, these shakes contain 8g of whole grain, 10g of protein and 6g of fiber not to mention they come in three delicious flavors.

My daughters spotted the chocolate variety first (they inherited my love of all things chocolate) and couldn’t wait to give it a try.  I actually split one bottle of Quaker Shakes between the two of them and they were satisfied and full.  Hubby and I tried the strawberry and vanilla, but chocolate was definitely the winner in our home.

Want to give them a try?  Print this $2 off coupon and grab your own bottles of Quaker Shakes to fuel your morning routine.  Even better? Win a $25 Walmart gift card right here at Experimental Mommy so you can create your own little stockpile of Quaker Shakes at home!  Enter below:
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My Mess is No Match for the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS #BringItOn

With two little ballerinas in my home, there is rarely a dull moment.  Their tappin’ feet seem to constantly move and it’s hard to get them to stay still even at meal times.  The result?



Sometimes it seems like more food ends up on the floor than in their mouths which means clean up not only involves dishes but sweeping and vacuuming, too.  So when I was approached to review the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS vacuum, I was definitely game especially because this vacuum performed better than the Dyson DC41 based on independent testing.

How Does it Work:

  • Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS’ AirSpeed Technology uses an efficient floor-to-cup air path with limited twists and turns that decreases the distance dust needs to travel and increases airflow, providing maximum suction power.
  • Engineered to clean a multitude of surfaces in your home, the Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS features a brushroll that can be turned on to deep clean carpets, and off to safely remove dirt and debris from bare floors.
  • The vacuum’s suction control valve lets you direct all of the power to the floors or to the tools, so you can deep clean to stairs, furniture and crevices.

The Challenge

We were asked to mimic the mess our kids make and put the vacuum to the ultimate test.  Because my two girls are cereal lovers, I decided to see how easy it would be to clean up spilled cereal crushed by the feet of little dancers into my carpet. Check out our video below:

It’s that easy.  As soon as I turned the power on, the crumbs literally started moving towards the vacuum.  Now that’s some suction!  With one simple pass of the vacuum, not only did the Eureka pick up the whole pieces of cereal, but the ground in dirt, too.  I love that you can turn the brushroll on to deep clean the carpet or turn it off with a push of the button to easy move to your hardwood floors seamlessly.

Intrigued?  You can find the Eureka Airspeed ALL FLOORS is available nationwide at Walmart for just $98! And even better, not one but TWO people will win the vacuum right here at Experimental Mommy!  Enter below:

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Disney Apparel By Jumping Beans Capsule Collection at Kohl’s #MagicatPlay

This post was written by the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% mine.

Tomorrow morning, I will be heading for an adventure of a lifetime as I will be joining 150 other bloggers at Disney Social Media Moms Conference at Disneyland.  I was fortunate enough to attend the very first conference in Orlando but this time, I am bringing the family.  To say we are excited would be an understatement.

With two daughters ages 6 and 9, you can imagine that they are all about the wardrobe and getting “Minnie-fied” before the big day.  Fortunately, the new Disney Apparel by Jumping Beans Capsule Collection arrived at Kohl’s on April 3rd!  Because there isn’t a Kohl’s near my home, I did some online shopping (I love not having to wait in line!).

Plenty of red, white and blue in this collection which is perfect for Summer month celebrations.  And of course, plenty of pink for the girly girls, too!  My daughter selected a Minnie Mouse top that has red stripes, a peplum, and some bling.  When the tops arrived, we tried a few different looks and found the top went great with leggings and shorts. As a Mom, I love that the tops were just $14 each.

Look for my girls sporting these new looks if you will be attending the Disney Social Media Moms Conference this year, too!  Does your child’s wardrobe need a little Mickey or Minnie?  One luck Experimental Mommy reader will win a $50 Kohl’s Gift Card to get you started.  Enter below:

Remember to  use the hashtag #MagicAtPlay and tag @DisneyLiving and @Kohls when sharing with your social media community.

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Fill Your Easter Basket with Nestle Seasonal Offerings

This post is written by the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% mine.

April is hopping by!  I can’t believe it is almost Easter already!  With all the cold weather, I sure hope the Easter Bunny is watching his calendar and stocking up on treats to stuff those baskets.  Thankfully, Nestle’s seasonal offerings can help with fun and unique items perfect for any basket.

One of my favorite finds in my childhood Easter basket was NERDS.  Just about any flavor would do, but the Strawberry Lemonade were my favorite.  Now, my kids love the NERDS Bumpy Jelly Beans!  And don’t settle for any old chocolate bunny when you can give the Nestle Crunch Bunny surrounded by Butterfinger or Crunch NestEggs.  

Every year, the kids look forward to our traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  But as the kids get older, the hunt becomes easier.  But they are in for a surprise this year because we will be using the Hard2Find Egg Hunt™ Indoor Kit and Hard2Find Egg Hunt™ Outdoor Kit. Even the best egg hunter will be surprised to find the nature inspired camouflaged eggs to look like nature, while the indoor kit comes with fun and unique hiding spots!

How to Draw Beaker from Muppet Labs {Printable}

I have some wonderful childhood memories of watching The Muppet Show with my family.  It was a show that made us smile, laugh, and chuckle…together.  By looking at the design on my blog, it should come as no surprise that Beaker from Muppet Labs is my all-time favorite Muppet and I am so happy to see that he makes another appearance in the soon-to-be release Muppets Most Wanted movie.

To build excitement about the movie, check out this great tutorial on how to draw your own Beaker!

Download the PDF Printable Here.


Who’s your favorite Muppet?  Don’t forget to head to the movie theater on March 21st to support your favorite character!

I Love Max.

This is a sponsored post. I am a Shop Your Way blogger and all opinions are my own.

Lines.  I hate them.  I have absolutely no patience for navigating crowded stores and waiting in long lines making online shopping very attractive.  I try to get the majority (if not all) of my holiday shopping done online but shipping fees can really do a number on the budget.

Fortunately, there’s a new guy in town and his name is Max.  There are millions of reasons to love Max.  Max opens doors and carries your bags. He brings gifts (delivered in two-days or less!). Max is the real deal. And at just $39/year, he’s a steal. The other guy is just past his PRIME.

Meet Shop Your Way MAX, which offers free two-day shipping on Sears and Kmart merchandise for just $39/year. Shop Your Way MAX is available to members of Shop Your Way, a free online social shopping program that offers perks and points whenever you shop at Sears or Kmart.

At just $39/year, less money on shipping means more money to spend on gifts.  Members get free two-day shipping on tons of items, from tools and clothing to footwear and more.  Not convinced?  Try Shop Your Way MAX free for 90 days! Sign up and activate free two-day shipping for just $39/year.

Learning About Skincare at the RoC Academy

This post is written by the Experimental Mommy in partnership with The Motherhood and RoC.  While I am being compensated for my time and effort, all opinions remain 100% mine.

For the last two weeks since my first post about the RoC Academy, I have immersed myself in learning about how my skin ages and how I can effectively fight back….and you can fight back.  I didn’t want to keep all this great info to myself, so I invited  few friends to take the RoC Academy courses as well.

While your skin starts aging at birth, normal signs of aging start to appear in your 20s.  What I love about the RoC Academy, is that you can personalize the experience by choosing your age and topics you are most interested in learning more about.  Here are a few fun facts we learned:

  • Retinoids are a type of Vitamin A that occurs in many foods such as milk, eggs and colorful vegetables.
  • All retinoids are not equal.  Retinoic Acid is most effective but requires a prescription.
  • Retinol is the number one dermatologist-recommended cosmetic anti-aging ingredient. It can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles to improve the look of collagen-depleted skin while complementing the skin’s natural processes….and it’s over-the-counter.
  • The RoC® Brand launched the first pure, stabilized form of retinol in 1995.

The RoC Academy answered some of our most pressing questions, but my readers also submitted a few questions, too.

Sadie asks, “There are so many issues from dullness, to dark spots, but my top concern is how to get rid of the deep lines in my forehead.”

The RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler is specifically formulated to show results immediately and after four weeks.  This breakthrough dual-action formula, with an exclusive fusion of hyaluronic acid and pure RoC®RETINOL, is clinically proven to fill creases and diminish the look of deep wrinkles. It’s noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores) and dermatologist tested.

Karen asks, “What can I do about the dark circles under my eyes?

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and deserves special treatment After just four weeks of use, the RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream will even out the look of dark eye circles and reduce puffiness.  In 12 weeks, you will see wrinkles vanish, too!

Want to learn more?  Make plans to attend the #RoCAcademy Twitter Party this Thursday, April 3rd at 1pm EST.  A dermatologist will be on hand to answer your pressing skin care questions so make sure to RSVP here.

Barbie Hug N’ Heal Pet Doctor Review

This post was written by the Experimental Mommy.  While a sample was received to facilitate this review, all opinions remain 100% honest.

My youngest daughter is a very compassionate soul. She always wants to engage in pretend play as a doctor, dentist, waitress, cook, teacher or vet…really any profession that serves people in order to make life better for them.  I love encouraging that side of her personality so when I was asked to review the Barbie Hug N’ Heal Pet Doctor, I knew it would be an instant hit.

Role play as a veterinarian in training with all the supplies to help take care of this soft plush pup with a glowing nose that tells her when he’s not feeling well. Perfect for ages 3 and up, the electronic puppy comes with a travel bag that features all kinds of accessories to interact with. Just press his paw to see how he’s feeling, then use all the included supplies to nurse him back to health! The kit includes a travel bag, thermometer, stethoscope, prescription pad and more.

First of all, the plush puppy is simply adorable.  It’s hard not to love the floppy ears!  My daughter instantly fell in love and couldn’t wait to make the puppy feel better.  Within seconds, the puppy began to sneeze and her nose glowed red.  My daughter quickly figure out that the puppy needs a tissue and put the provided accessory up to it’s nose.  She was shocked when the puppy actually blew her nose!  And she found it fun to give the puppy a shot and cheer them up with a bone.

The Barbie Hug N’ Heal Pet Doctor is now her “go-to” toy and my daughter takes it to school for show and tell every week.  You can find it for just $29.99 on and it would make a great Easter basket gift!

Geek Out with Netflix {March Edition}

This post was written by the Experimental Mommy.  I am a member of the Netflix Steam Team and receive a complimentary subscription but all opinions remain 100% honest.

I am so excited to announce that I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam.  What that means for you is that I will be sharing what’s hot on Netflix and what we are watching, too.  With March being Science Fair Month, I thought it would be fun to share some Science themed shows you can stream on Netflix for inspiration.

My daughter participated in her very first Science Fair this year with her project titled, “To Eat or Not To Eat.”  I am sure the fact that I worked in a lab for 17 years really motivated my daughter to do a project as she has had many questions about my work.  But shows like, “How Stuff Works” and “Magic School Bus” really peaked her interest and introduced her to the Scientific Method.

If your child is entering a Science Fair soon, check out some project ideas and then consider streaming some of the following shows to get your creative juices flowing.

For the older kids:

1. How Stuff Works
2. How Do They Do It
3. Is It Possible?
4. Build It Bigger
5. How the Universe Works
6. Extreme Engineering
7. Mythbusters

 And for the younger kids:

1. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
2. Peep and the Big Wide World
3. Magic School Bus: All Dried Up
4. Animal Mechanicals
5. Wild Kratts

Tell me, what are you streaming this month?