Rayovac Improves Coin Cell Battery Packaging to Promote Safety

I am a Rayovac Power Blogger and this is a sponsored post.  All opinions remain 100% mine.

When my two girls were in the crawling stage, I was so nervous that they would find something interesting (aka shiny) on the floor which would almost always go in their mouths.  I would vacuum daily and do my best to keep harmful things out of reach.  My child’s safety was my top priority!

As a Rayovac Power Blogger, I was pleased to learn that Rayovac takes the safety of children very seriously as well.  In fact, they are tackling this priority head on by developing new coin cell packaging that aims to decrease the likelihood of accidental battery ingestion.


With 500 cases of ingestion of the coin cell battery each year, Rayovac is doing everything it can to reduce this number.  When a child swallows the battery, it can lead to chemical burns and even death in as little as two hours!  Products in your home that may contain these batteries are a weight scale, a watch or even a small remote among other things.

“Efforts to enhance our packaging structure have made it far less likely that our coin cell batteries will end up in the hands of children,” said Jim Heidenreich, Rayovac General Manager, North American Batteries. “Taking the time to increase safety measures and raise awareness of the hazards of lithium coin cells is something we take pride in.”

Rayovac is making tangible changes to it’s packaging which include updated warnings on the front and back side of the battery pack, an updated warning icon and improved warning copy, and later in 2013 Rayovac will start shipping batteries that are physically imprinted with a child safety warning.  Knowing is half the battle!

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