VeggieTales: The League of Incredible Vegetables Giveaway

As soon as my first daughter was born over 7 years ago, I was introduced to Veggie Tales by a family friend.  I instantly fell in love with the cute characters and Christian messaging and I knew that when my daughter was old enough, she would love it, too.  Sure enough, the characters of VeggieTales have been a huge hit for several years now.

With the popularity of Superhero movies these days, I was delighted to find out that Veggie Tales will release it’s fourth DVD title which features “LarryBoy” called VeggieTales: The League of Incredible Vegetables on October 16th!  With two daughters that an intense fear of dogs, I was happy to hear that this title teaches a lifelong lesson in handling fear in a fun and entertaining way.  In the movie, the evil Dr. Flurry comes to Bumblyburg and tries to freeze the whole town in fear.  LarryBoy can’t fight Dr. Flurry alone, so her turns to The League of Incredible Vegetables played by familiar VeggieTales characters.  When the pack of heroes has to face their fears, they learn to place their trust in the One whom is bigger than fear.  Check out a sneak peek of this upcoming release:

I know my daughters and I will be anxiously awaiting the release to find out what happens.  Pre-order the DVD now for just $12.99!  But in the meantime, I have a great VeggieTales prize pack to give away to one of my readers worth $100 including 4 DVDs, a CD soundtrack, 2 books and some toys, too!  Enter the giveaway below!

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  1. Jennifer M says:

    We like Larry.

  2. We like Larry the most.

  3. My kids love Bob the Tomato!

  4. Larry the Cucumber is our favorite.

  5. It would be Larry ~ she loves that little cucumber.

  6. Laura is my daughters

  7. We love Larry!

  8. Larry is the winner!

  9. we also love Larry!

  10. Carolyn N. says:

    Bob the Tomato!
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  11. Larry!

  12. Bob the Tomato, though he calls him the apple!

  13. We love Larry!

  14. kathy pease says:

    we like larry the cucumber

  15. jessica edwards says:


  16. Susan Smith says:

    Bob the Tomato

  17. tiffany lane says:


  18. Larry the Cucumber especially when he is being Larry Boy

  19. I love Madame Blueberry

  20. Kirby McCauley says:

    We’re big Larry fans in our house!

  21. Angela Neynaber says:

    My daughter likes Bob the best.

  22. amy deeter says:

    Larry the Cucumber

  23. Larry’s the man…well…sorta

  24. Robert Pyszk says:

    Larry is her favorite

  25. Cheryl Reinhardt says:

    We like Larry the Best !!!

  26. Jennifer Peaslee says:

    Larry the Cucumber :)

  27. susan smoaks says:

    larry the cucumber is our favorite!

  28. carol lewis says:

    They do not have these but saw them at a friends house and she liked Larry.

  29. vikki Billings says:

    Larry is my very favorite character! I LOVE veggie tales!

  30. Beverly Metcalf says:

    Our favorite is Larry the cucumber. Thanks for this contest.

  31. Virginia Rowell says:

    We love Larry!

  32. Marla Bland says:

    Larry the cucumber.

  33. Saver Sara says:

    We like Larry

  34. Richard Hicks says:

    Archibald Asparagus

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  35. Larry the cucumber

  36. Debbie Ritenour says:

    I wouds say Bob!

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