PureZone Personal Air Filtration System: Review and Giveaway

hypothesis The Personal Air Filtration System from PureZone will allow my husband to sleep more restfully at night and alleviate his allergy symptoms which can sometimes cause migraine headaches.


One PureZone Personal Air Filtration System which includes a standard size pillowcase, my husband’s favorite pillow and one sneezy hubby.  About PureZone:

PureZone Technologies, LLC is focused on providing clinically validated health care solutions for the millions of people seeking pure, contaminant-free air to breathe. Our patent-pending technology provides a platform for a wide range of products that control air quality in the localized region around a user’s nose and mouth – the breathing zone. The PureZone personal air filtration system is a nighttime allergy relief device that makes any bedroom into a hypo-allergenic sleep zone.”


My loving hubby, two daughters and I live in New Orleans or as we loving refer to it, Allergy South.  All four of us suffer from seasonal allergies which seem to be worse in the Fall.  Pollen, grass, dust and cat hair seem to be the worst offenders for us.  Of the four of us, my husband suffers the most.  His symptoms generally start with itchy eyes and progress to constant sneezing which sometimes results in a migraine headache.  Because of these symptoms, allergy medication is a way of life in my home.

After watching this PureZone YouTube video, I was more than willing to give it a try.  The PureZone Personal Air Filtration System bedside blower takes in room air through a HEPA filter (eliminating 99.97% of the allergens) and pushes it through a tube which is connected to the included pillowcase encasing your own pillow.  The filtered air is then released through the pillowcase creating a circle of fresh, clean, filtered air surrounding your head while you sleep.  Less allergens near your head=less symptoms=a better night sleep! Check out how we set up the PureZone System in our bedroom:

As you can see,  the system is incredibly easy to set up and use.  It took my husband only minutes to attach the stand to the bedside blower, connect the pillowcase and begin filtering the air.  To be honest, I was a bit concerned about the aesthetics of the PureZone System.  Would my bedroom look like a hospital room with this big, bulky unit near my bed?  I was quite surprised at how compact the unit was and how well we were able to camouflage the bedside blower.  Because of the height of our bed, we did not need to attach it to the mattress, so it sits almost flush with the frame of the bed.  My next concern was the noise, but when my husband turned the unit on, the noise was minimal and almost soothing on the low setting.  My husband’s favorite feature (other than eliminating allergens, of course) is the temperature setting.  He loves cool air and the unit allows him to set the outgoing air to his liking.

After using the Unit for one full week, my husband is still turning it on every night.  He has found that he is waking up less congested which makes for a great start to the day!  As for me, I found a new excuse to snuggle up close to him at night….clean air!


The PureZone Personal Air Filtration System was easy to assemble and operate.  I love that the system allows us to eliminate 99.97% of the air surrounding our heads when sleeping and my husband has definitely felt a difference in his sleep quality.  The System can be purchased directly for $329.00.

Coupon Code

Use code NOTSO50 at checkout to receive $50 off a purchase of the PureZone System!


Would you love to breathe clean, allergen-free air at night?  Do you want to experience the PureZone difference?  PureZone has generously donated one entire system (SRV $329) to one lucky reader!

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This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. Thank you to PureZone for supplying the product for review.


  1. My husband would benefit most. He has allergies triggered by any kind of scent and he also has asthma.

  2. This would be great for me since I have allergies…having pets in the house doesn’t help either!

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    I would benefit from it. I suffer from allergies. It would be great to have fresh air.

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