Now I’m Reading from InnovativeKids: Review and Giveaway

My oldest daughter entered Kindergarten last month.  While she worked hard in Pre-Kindergarten on letter recognition and letter sounds, I wouldn’t say that she was a full on reader just yet.  But, my daughter is eager to learn and desperately wanted to join the world of the literate!  While on a blog trip this Summer, I got her some beginning readers and to my surprise she devoured them.  She read them from front to back all by herself and then gave them back to me as if to say, “Is that all ya got, Mom?”

Because she has such a desire to learn to read, I definitely want to do everything I can to encourage her.  So, I was excited to learn about the “Now I’m Reading” series by InnovativeKids designed for kids ages 3-7.  The series, created by Nora Gaydos, consists of books, games and plays at many different skill levels from pre-reader all the way to independent reader.

Each book series offers 10 storybooks, sticker incentives as well as a Parent/Teacher guide.  The books, while using repetitive language, have actual plots and storylines which will keep your child engaged and enhance comprehension skills.  While I did not get the chance to  review the books, this series is on my “Santa” list for this holiday season.

I did select a “Now I’m Reading” game to review with my daughter.  We received “Rhyming War” which is a card game geared to kids age 4-7.  From the website:

The numbers are at war! One thinks he’s bigger than Two. Three thinks he’s greater than Four. Only wise Zero knows that nothing good can come of all this division. Kids will have fun rhyming as they practice number-comparison skills in this twist on the classic card game War.

Photobucket My daughter decided that we should play “War!” first which is similar to the card game “Battle!”  This game is for two players.  Each player is dealt 20 cards.  The cards have numbers, pictures and words on them to facilitate many options for game playing.  Each player flips up a card and the player with the highest numbering card wins the hand.  This made my daughter not only recognize the numbers, but understand that they hold a value.  She had to compare the numbers and decide which was larger.  She LOVED this game!

The second way to play the game made her actually read the words and decide if they were a rhyming pair.  I was impressed at how many words she could read and her understanding of the sounds that are alike.  This game was a little harder, but she loved it nonetheless.

The “Now I’m Reading” series offers lots of options which will surely encourage you child’s love of reading and knowledge.  At just $9.99 for the games, ot would make a perfect stocking stuffer or birthday gift!


Would your little one love to try this game, too?  InnovativeKids has generously offered one lucky reader the “Now I’m Reading” game to play with their child!

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This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. Thank you to InnovativeKids for supplying the product for review.


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