Get Moving with the PlayStation Move!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

My five year old daughter is just starting to really get into the gaming scene.  She already has several requests for Santa!  As a Mom, I am concerned about allowing her to get too involved with video games as I would rather see her engage in creative, active play.  However, after learning about the PlayStation(R)MOVE, I am more willing to let her give it a try!

Playtation Move LogoBy using the PlayStation Move Eye Camera and the motion controller, the system translates your every move into an awesome interactive experience.  You become the video game allowing for more active play!  Not only are there great games for kids such as EyePet (your own virtual family pet), but there is something for every age and intrest.  My husband would love to live out his dream by playing Rock Star 3 (and we would love to watch him play)!  And I know my girls and I would enjoy strutting our stuff with the new SingSong Dance.  I can really picture the PlayStation Move encouraging us to have more quality family time and a ton of fun!  The PlayStation Move is a great way to introduce gaming to my kindergarten child while including the whole family and getting everyone off the couch.

Beginning Sepember 17th, you can purchase the entire PlayStation Move gaming system, but for $99 you can also purchase the motion bundle to convert your existing PlayStation 3 to the Move! 

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