O-Cedar ProMist Floor Cleaning System: Review and Giveaway

hypothesis The O-Cedar ProMist Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System will be a great way to speed up my cleaning time by providing two options in one handy tool.


One O-Cedar ProMist, two daughters who like to make a mess and one Mom who has little time to clean it. About the O-Cedar ProMist:

“The ProMist includes two types of reusable microfiber pads: a durable pad which can be washed up to 100 times and a semi-disposable pad that can be washed or tossed—great for messy spills!   The mop has a refillable bottle that allows users the choice to use their favorite cleaning solution or water only. The benefits are that:

a) It offers a thorough, convenient clean every time.

b) The reusable microfiber pads lift and trap dirt and grime.  Since they are reusable, it helps save money and is more eco-friendly.

c) It is safer for moms and pet owners to clean due to the refillable bottle—choose your own cleaner!”


Cleaning in my house is a necessary evil.  It is no secret that I despise it, so any product that I feel can help me do the job right in the least amount of time with little hassle is the one for me!  So, trying the new O-Cedar ProMist Wet or Dry Cleaning System sounded right up my alley.  After all, mopping is right up there with cleaning out the fridge in my list of most hated chores.

When I first unpacked the ProMist, I was happy with it’s weight.  Not too heavy to lug around, but not too flimsy either.  I love that you can fill the attached bottle with any cleaning solution you desire which means I don’t have to run to ten different stores looking for THE solution for the system.  I decided to try the wet mopping first with the microfiber reusable pad.  It did well on my laminate floors and allowed me to quickly finish the job without soaking the floors.


Of course during dinner, my two year old spilled her drink which allowed me to try out the ProMist with the dry disposable pad.  It helped me soak up the liquid, quickly dispose of the mess and then clean up the stickiness with the wet reusable pad.  Perfection!  We have washed the reusable pad about 5 times so far and it has held it’s shape nicely.


Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the O-Cedar Pro-Mist cleaning system.  I think the convenience of having a wet or dry option in one tool is great.  The advantage of being able to use my favorite cleaning solution is an added bonus!  The O-Cedar ProMist is available at Target and Walmart.


Would you like to try the O-Cedar ProMist?  Two lucky readers will win their very own ProMist Cleaning System!

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This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. Thank you to O-Cedar for supplying the product for review.


  1. Angela Cisco says:

    I love that you can use your own cleaning solution.

  2. susan smoaks says:

    i could use this in my home because i love clean floors

  3. I have wood and tile throughout; this would be a blessing

  4. In addition to linoleum floors, I have quite a bit of sealed hardwoods. This would be such a help in cleaning them. Thanks.

  5. I have two small dogs whose major source of entertainment is running in and out of my house. This would make cleaning the little paw prints much easier.

  6. katklaw777 says:

    I only]y have a sponge mop and it is definitely on it’s last leg…be great to have this for my yukky floors, thanks.

  7. katklaw777 says:

    I subscribe via email.

  8. I have 13 pets who congregate in the kitchen. This would be great to use there beacase I can use my own pet-safe cleaning solution. And since I have to do the floor a lot, money will be saved by washing the pad.

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    Brutus Duffy

  11. I have a messy son so my floors are constantly dirty, I sure could use this!

  12. I’m an email subscriber

  13. Thanks for the giveaway…we would like an O-Cedar ProMist Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System because our current mop tends to start getting stinky after repeated uses despite the fact that we rinse it in bleach and dry it throughly every time we use it; the O-Ceder’s washable mop pad seems to be a logical solution, just throw it in the washer !

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  16. My kids are great at making messes and i’m the cleaner so this would be great for me.