The Young Scientists Club: Review and Giveaway

hypothesis The Young Scientist Club will be a great way to introduce Lily to scientific concepts and the experimental process.  It’s also a great opportunity for me to talk with her about what Mommy does for a living!

materials Magic School Bus Diving into Slime, Gel and Good science kit from The Young Scientist Club and one very excited (almost) 5 year old who couldn’t wait to learn about science!   About The Young Scientists Club:

sciencekit Esther Novis, a mother of five and a former Harvard-trained biologist, started The Young Scientists Club a decade ago as a summer science camp for her then 5-year-old son. Friends from other parts of the country told Novis they felt cheated that their kids couldn’t go, so she naturally packaged the experiments and sent them off. The idea for a science subscription service was born! The subscription kits are now mailed monthly to thousands of children around the world and the company’s retail kits are sold in hundreds of specialty stores.

Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists diving into slime, gel, and goop with fun and fabulous experiments. Young Scientists discover oobleck, produce glue from milk, grow jiggly marbles, make snow from super-absorbent crystals, form a bouncy ball, create slime, expand super-absorbent gel crystals, melt fake snow, learn about polymers, and much, much more!  This polymer kit includes extra gels, super-absorbent crystals, and marbles to repeat the fun!  Seatbelts everyone! Get ready to dive into slime, gel, and goop!”

results As you can imagine, this product review is right up my alley!  Lily often inquires about what I actually do at work, but because I work in a lab, she cannot come to work to observe until she is much older.  Explaining science to a 4 year old can be difficult.  So, I was thrilled to have some help with the Magic School Bus Dive into Slime, Gel and Goop kit!

When Lily saw the kit, she exclaimed, “That’s the Magic School Bus!”  Apparently, they have watched some of the videos at school.  Lily selected the experiment where she learns about polymers by making slime.  At first, I thought the subject material would be a bit over her head, but the book did an excellent job explaining atoms, molecules and polymers by using a series of stickers as a learning aid.  Lily completed the learning activity and was then ready to dive into the experiment!


The directions were easy to follow.  Everything was included to complete the experiment except disposable cups, spoons and food coloring.  Lily loved measuring out the glue and borax, and when we made a solid from mixing two liquids she thought it was, “A-MAZING!”


Lily really enjoyed doing real science just like Mommy!  The Magic School Bus kit did a fabulous job of teaching the basics at her level and I felt like she really walked away with an understanding of the experiment she completed.

There are many different kits to choose from at The Young Scientist Club!  You are sure to find something that interests your child!  Products in the Magic School Bus series are geared for ages 5 and over and sell for $19.99.  This would make an excellent gift for an inquisitive child!

Do you have a young scientist in your life?  Win them a kit that is sure to spark their interest in learning!  One winner can choose from the Magic School Bus Dive into Slime, Gel and Goop, Magic School Bus Going Green or Science on a Gardening Adventure!

How to enter:

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This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Other may have a different experience with the product. Thank you to The Young Scientists Club for supplying the product for review.


  1. The Crystal Kit :)

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  3. The Magic School Bus Dive into Slime, Gel, and Goop

  4. I would like the Science on a Gardening Adventure

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  7. Veronica Garrett says:

    I would choose the Science on a Gardening Adventure.

  8. I would choose the Planet’s Kit.

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