Got Zhu Zhu? Top Ten Ways to Score a Hamster!

Ok, so who has them?  You know you are hiding them somewhere!  Don’t know what I am talking about?  Well, then you must be living under a rock.  The latest toy craze to sweep the nation is sickeningly cute, only costs eight bucks, and harder to get than front row Coldplay tickets……ZHU ZHU PETS!


So Bridgette, myself, and my friend Kellee have all been on the Zhu Zhu hunt as all the girls want them for Christmas.   Our stores have been hoarding them (store managers hold the golden tickets like they have some secret nuclear code inscribed on them), only getting in a few at a time, and selling out the minute they hit the shelf.  FINALLY this week we all had some success as my friend and I waited in line at Wal Mart at MIDNIGHT (for two hours) to get one, and Bridgette was able to score one at Toys R Us by waiting in line early Sunday morning.  All this time waiting in line got Bridgette and I thinking of other ways you can get your hands on one of these little critters.  Try some of these and let us know how they work out for you?


10.  Roll into your local Wal Mart or Target inside of a big inner tube, much like a hamster on a wheel.  See if that impresses the manager enough for him/her to show you the secret stash.

9.  Stuff your mouth with as many acorns as you can hold.  Go straight to the toy deparment and demand a Zhu Zhu or you will swallow the acorns right then and there.

8.  Show up in a hamster costume and tell the manager you have been sent by the people at Zhu Zhu to be the mascot for the day.  You need to be paid in hamsters.  Cold, hard hamsters.  No, not dead hamsters.  That’s another post entirely.

7.  Run to the pet store and buy at least a dozen real hamsters.  Bring them on over to the toy store and threaten to let them loose unless your demands are met.

6.  Declare that by the toy store holding the hamsters hostage, they are committing a very serious crime against nature.  Threaten to call PETA.  Convince fellow line members to chant “Free the Zhu Zhu!” repeatedly for maximum effect.

5.  According to @ToysRUs on Twitter, if you scream, “I LOVE GEOFFERY!” three times, the manager *may* move you to the front of the line.  Or you *may* be escorted off the premises by security.

4.  Wear a Geoffery costume and claim to be a store employee hired for the day to manage the crowd.  After all, you ARE there to “turn their frown upside down!”

3.  Formally change your name to “Num Nums” or “Mr. Squiggles.”  Claim the Zhu Zhu pets are blood relatives and you have been awarded full custody.

2.  Find the Santa at your local Mall.  Tell kids in line that instead of cookies and milk, Santa has requested Pipsqueak.  Be an elf for the day and collect “payment.”


Other crazy people waiting in line for a 10 dollar hamster!

1.  Blackmail.  Tell the store manager that unless he awards you with NumNums, you WILL scream out that he “keeps hamsters in his pants!”  That oughta do it.

Does your child want a Zhu Zhu pet for the Holidays?  Have another idea on how to find one?  Leave your tips in the comments!

Still can’t find a Zhu Zhu?  The Not-So-Bog is giving away one brand new 2010 Zhu Zhu Pet!  The winner can choose either Jilly (the pink one) or Winkie (the black and white one)!!

This article has been mentioned at the LA Times’ Brand X website.  We have written a response to one of the comments that appears in the Brand X article.  Check it out and join the discussion!


  1. Night Owl Mama says:

    DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME OUR hamsters are now at the bottom of the toy box. THEy were fun for a month. NOW I have bits and peices of the Trail village all over my house. My son uses the ramp for his cars and my daughter uses the rounders for he Dolls.

    IF you think about it most toys have a shelf life and the hot item is only as hot as the buyers make it…

    NOW that month was a lot longer than most toys make it around here so if ya score one ya’ll at least get a huge smile and a great PIC

  2. I’ve heard reports that Canadian retailers are better stocked on Zhu Zhu’s than many U.S. retailers — it might be worth the drive for anyone desperate enough to get one

  3. The only way to get them at retail is by watching them to be in stock at amazon. I used (USA) and for getting stuff in Canada try – both free sites cheers.

  4. lovetoshop says:

    I got mine at and didn’t have to pay any more than regular retail price for it!

    I know other mom’s are having trouble finding them, so I wanted to let everybody
    know how I got one.

    one of my girlfriends told me about, which is a free website that will “watch” items for you on Amazon and let you know when amazon has them in stock at regular retail price.
    It worked so well I now have gograbber watching a whole bunch of stuff for me!
    Lol! Good luck everybody!

  5. GK @ Zhu Zhu Pets For Sale says:

    People are dumb to wait in line like that! They can score a hamster and accessories pretty easy online.

  6. Absolute best way to get a Zhu Zhu – sign up at zoolerts. will e-mail you when a retailer has them in stock for a reasonable price. I signed up three days ago and already was able to purchase two funhouses and two sets of 3 hamsters for the standard retail price and free shipping (amazon had them in stock for all of 5 minutes tonight) from the comfort and warmth of my own home.

  7. Zhu ZHu pet Hunter says:

    Check out this cool site for Zhu Zhu Pet adventures.. it’s great you get to read and see what this guy has gone through to try to obtain Zhu Zhu’s.. Now he is exposing Ebay Sellers.

  8. Go to amazon everyone! They got them! They are around 30 but hey if you must have it, get it!

  9. Zhu Zhu Pets says:

    I was able to find my Zhu Zhu hamster and wheel at

  10. Christine says:

    Come on… don’t be dumb and get rippped off. Use a site like and get your zhu zhus from Amazon at normal retail price of like $9 or whatever.

    Seriously people… don’t get ripped off just cuz it’s Christmas!

  11. Well I have no clue what these are but on a whim I went to and I guess the crazyness has died down becasue they are sellingthing in 2 packs for $16 and they are instock and will arrive before christmas it says.

  12. It pays to be a fan of Toys R Us on FaceBook. An alert came up and I got a whole setup for 100.00 on their website. I have been trying to get them since november, but absolutely refuse to pay ginormous amounts of money. Luckily I was on at the time when an alert come on and TADA!!!

  13. Brittany_Angel_13 says:

    I have been everywhere looking for these cute hamsters but nothing. For living in a horrible place I expected this but never in my life did I think it would be this hard. I have tried all your links and they are not as cheap as others. I was at wal-mart yesterday lokking at their prices of hamsters. Usually the oldest four hamsters are 7 something and a tag said scoodles for 8! Could someone help me find even one hamster maybe jilly or num nums at these prices?? I ordered chunk cause mine broke but not in yet. Oh well…

  14. Stitchko says:

    Lucky for you, people, that Christmass spree is behind us. Now, you can focus on normal prices, wider chice and more of playsets. And yes, the price is more normal. Has any searched them in Target?


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