BARBAR Professional Flat Iron (Gift #5)

hypothesis A Cordless Flat Iron would make straightening my hair infinitely easier by providing more flexibility.

materials One BARBAR Ceramic 1800 Cordless Flat Iron and an unruly head of hair!  About BARBAR:

BARBAR is based in Beverly Hills, CA and has been in operation since 2000.  With over 20 years of experience as a former stylist, the company’s founder, Dominic Barbar, has applied his years of technical know-how to turn his passion into reality by creating a premium line of hair care products that simplify the hair stylist’s job.

methods After washing and conditioning my hair, I let it air dry as I normally do at night.  I took a picture (for your enjoyment) of me before straightening my hair.  After charging the flat iron, I straightened my hair in about 10 minutes and snapped another photo.


After plugging in the BARBAR Ceramic 1800 Cordless Flat Iron and connecting the iron to the base, it took mere seconds to charge completely.  The iron heats up to 392F and sounds three short beeps when the iron is ready to use.  I began the straighten my hair as usual but this time, it was so much easier!  I had no idea how much fighting I normally did with the cord of my regular flat iron!  By using the cordless flat iron, I was able to straighten my hair quicker because I had the freedom to move about in any direction.  I also felt much safer using this flat iron when my toddler was present.  I am always concerned that she will grab the cord of my regular flat iron (she has lightening fast hands!), but because the base of this flat iron is not needed in order to straighten my hair, their is no cord to grab!  I was concerned that having the convenience of going cordless would cause me to sacrifice quality, but the BARBAR 1800 Professional Flat Iron worked as well, if not better than my regular iron.  The cordless flat iron held a charge for roughly 5 minutes, but charged up again in seconds while I was sectioning off the next piece of hair.  Charging the iron did NOT slow me down one bit.



I absolutely love the freedom that the BARBAR Ceramic 1800 Cordless Flat Iron provides.  Having a cordless flat iron would have been IDEAL for my dance performance in early June!  Trying to stuff several dancers into a dressing room does not afford much room for cords!  I also loved the fact that you can also use this iron connected to the cord for longer jobs.  The quality and versatility of this product makes it worth the purchase!  Need other hairstyling tools?  BARBAR also carries hair dryers, curling irons and styling products!

references The BARBAR Ceramic 1800 Cordless Flat Iron can be purchased directly for $140.00.  Do you need a new flat iron?  Intrigued by the cordless design?  BARBAR has generously donated the exact same flat iron I reviewed to one lucky Not-So-Blog reader!

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  1. joanna smith says:

    Thought I’d send out a new tweet for tonight:

  2. The item that caught my eye was the Barbar 1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo. With that set, I should be able to get even my unruly hair to do something!

  3. Barbara Rawe says:

    The Professional Thermal Brush 33 appeals to me. I know I would love it. Thanks.

  4. sarah woods says:

    This professional hot/flat iron would be the Savior to the hair in the elimination for the electric hot rollers I use every morning; Thanks/SW

  5. The Barbar 1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo sounds like a great deal

  6. tamatha mcholland says:

    I would love, love to have the BARBAR “BT” Black Tourmaline Blow Dryer as well.

  7. The Barbar 1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo

  8. subscriber

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    I like the The Barbar 1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo.

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  14. Candie L says:

    I like the professional clippers. Thank you

  15. Flat iron for my daughter but the 180 clipper for me …

  16. rebekah arnold says:

    Spring 3 in 1 Tourmaline Curling Iron thanks for the giveaway

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  23. I’d love to own the Barbar “BT” Black Tourmaline Blow Dryer.

  24. BARBAR “BT” Black Tourmaline Blow Dryer would be perfect for me as I dry my hair lots!

  25. Wendy McBride says:

    I Really like the Barbar T Tourmaline Black Blow Dryer,…..since it’s featherweight, weighing only “1 LB!!!!”
    Also, I like the fact that all of the blow dryers have extra long 10 and 11 foot cords.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  26. BARBAR “BT” Black Tourmaline Blow Dryer :)

  27. Heather C says:

    I’d love to try the Barbar Hair Crystal Seal. I need a bit of sparkle and shine!

  28. Charlene Kuser says:

    I would love to own the Barbar Italy 3800 Ionic Charger Blow Dryer

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    I love the Barbar “BT” Black Tourmaline Blow Dryer!

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    I would like to try the Barbar Hair Crystal Seal.

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  40. Bridget Combs says:

    The The Barbar Tourmaline Curling Iron, 1 1/4″

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