Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair: Review and Giveway CONTEST CLOSED

This is my dog, Callie. She is mostly a beagle and is completely overweight (due to medicine she takes for her seizures).

A few things you should know about Callie:
1. She sheds.
2. She is not allowed to get on the sofa.
3. She is stubborn.
4. She does NOT listen (as you can see in the above picture).

I can tell when Callie sneaks a nap on the sofa because it is covered in dog hair. I despise vacuuming the sofa…..seriously….worst.chore.ever. So, I was more than thrilled to try out the new Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair!

How it works: Simply slide it side to side in short strokes. Rollers rotate back and forth to lift and trap unsightly pet hair. One Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper picks up as much pet hair as 145 sticky roller sheets.

Great for:
  • Upholstered couches and chairs—so you can sit back and relax.
  • Pillows and cushions—Pledge™ Fabric Sweeper is great for removing pet hair from throw pillows, couch cushions, and bed pillows.
  • Car interiors—great for cleaning pet hair off upholstered car seats so you can roll down the window, without stirring up pet hair.
Directions for use:
  1. Slide side-to-side on upholstered furniture using moderate pressure. Use short strokes of about 8-12 inches in each direction (as indicated by the arrows on the sweeper).
  2. Fabric Sweeper is self-cleaning! As you go in one direction, one roller picks up the pet hair from the surface. When you go in the other direction, the second roller cleans off the first and pushes the pet hair inside.
  3. If pet hair builds up on the rollers, repeat the side-to-side motion a few times on a clean area of the upholstery.

My first impression of the Fabric Sweeper was that it looked too good to be true! This little thing can’t possibly work as well as my vacuum! Once I managed to wake up Callie and get her off the sofa (did I mention that she doesn’t listen?), I tried it out and was more than pleasantly surprised. By simply moving the Pledge Fabric Sweeper from side to side, I was able to quickly remove all of the pet hair from my microfiber couch! I am in love! I no longer have to drag out the heavy, bulky vacuum for quick touch ups!

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

How to enter:
1. Visit Pledge and let me know one other product that would make your life easier!

Additional entries:
1. Blog about this giveaway.
2. Follow my blog.
3. Follow me on Twitter (BridgetteLA) or tweet this giveaway.
4. Favorite me in Technorati.

Contest ends at 11:59PM CST on February 18 Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited. Open to U.S. Residents only.

This post was written for the Family Review Network as part of a program by SC Johnson, who also supplied the product for review and giveaway.

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  1. Pledge Dust and Allergen cleaner looks promising.

  2. Just got a dog in Dec. This would come in handy!

  3. I sent a request to follow you on twitter

  4. Jinxy and Me says:

    The Pledge Multi Surface Spray & Wipes also look great.

  5. Creative Bears says:

    The multi purpose cleaner looks good, especially since it will clean electronics as well.

  6. I would love to try this!

  7. The pet hair fabric sweeper sounds great! We also have a dog that sheds on everything…

    Other than that, the multi surface duster looks good! Dusting is one of my least favorite things, so anything that makes it faster and easier is good by me!

  8. Thanks, I would love to try this out on my couch as well as my bed. With 5 dogs and 1 cat there’s hardly any place in my house that doesn’t have extra hair attached lol

  9. I have 7 cats and 1 dog – I need it BAAAAAAAAD!!! I also need the Pledge multi surface duster

  10. I have eight cats. I would love to have a Fabric Sweeper to use on the furniture, my tote bag, my clothes, my coat, maybe even the cats!

  11. I have requested to follow you on Twitter. Username: Auriette

    Also, in my first post, I forgot to say that another Pledge product I’ll be looking for is the Dust and Allergen Spray. My husband is allergic — not to cats, of course, just everything else — and our house gets so dusty!

  12. In addition to the Fabric Sweeper, I would also be interested in the Multi-Surface Wet Wipes from Pledge. 😉

  13. my couch wiould thank you with 2 dogs and a cat

  14. Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner would make my life easier.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. I follow this blog.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. I follow on Twitter:

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Mommykat007 says:

    We have two dogs and a cat. Black is my favorite color to wear and guess where the hair always goes? UGH. I would love to try this Pledge Fabric Sweeper.
    Thanks for the chance!
    Mommykat007 at gmail dot com

  18. skybluefusion says:

    The multisurface cleaner would be helpful. bleuteam at gmail dot com

  19. I like the Pledge Dry Cloths because I deal with allergies and these really cut down on allergens in my home environment. The new Pledge Fabric Sweeper would also work wonders with my two small chihuahuas who really shed more than most people would expect. I know I spend a lot of time keeping everything hairless especially now that they are shedding their winter coat.

  20. I have two cats and getting the shedding fur up is a chore. Hope this works well

  21. tarahsfoodreviews says:

    I’m always a fan of multisurface cleaner


  22. The Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner would make my household cleaning easier.

  23. This would be great for my house. I have three dogs who shed something awful! Thanks for the contest!

  24. I would also like to try the Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner. We have a beautiful black lab named Roth. We love him dearly, except for the shedding – hair everywhere! This would be a lifesaver! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  25. I’d love to try the Pledge multi-surface floor because I have laminate and it’s difficult to deal with sometimes..Wow, I’d super love to get that Fabric Sweeper, I’ll definitely be trying it one way or another!

  26. The Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner would allow me to move from surface to surface, room to room, cleaning and dusting in no time at all without lugging around different products. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  27. would love to try the multi purpose kitchen cleaner!
    I 2 have 2 dogs that are always on the sofa even though they are not supposed to be!


  28. subscriber


  29. Besides the Fabric Sweeper, the Pledge Multi-Surface floor wet wipes look like they would be good for my wood and tile floors. Thanks!


  30. Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner.

  31. I sooo need this, two dogs and lots of fly away hair.

  32. Tommy @ Feed Your Pig says:

    My dog sheds nonstop! Would love to win!

    Thanks as always!

    Thomas Johnson
    Editor @ Feed Your Pig

  33. I’d like to try the new Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner.

  34. I like the multi surface cleaner. THank you.


  35. Pledge extra moisturizing would be great for my antiques. I didn’t know that Pledge made a product like that.
    THanks for the giveaway!

  36. Pledge extra moisturizing would be great for my antiques. I didn’t know that Pledge made a product like that.
    THanks for the giveaway!

  37. the Pledge Multipurpose cleaner would definitely be helpful !


    I love the multi surface duster!


    I follow you thur blogger!

  40. Swtlilchick says:

    The Pledge Clean and Shine would be
    my pick.It is great for allergens
    which is what I definately need
    Thanks for the giveaway

  41. Swtlilchick says:

    Favorite you in Technorati

  42. I could definitely use this. I have 4 cats with varying degrees of hair loss.

  43. I like Pledge Multi Purpose Duster!

  44. I would like to try the pledge multipurpose.

  45. follow on twitter (donnak4)

  46. I love the Multi Surface Cleaner!

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